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P R O X Y V O T I N G G U I D E L I N E S 23 We generally support requests if: • The company does not have well-documented environmental and social management systems and/or does not monitor impacts • The company's actions and policies lag its peers • There are controversies, litigations or fines stemming from its treatment of environmental and social risks • T h e r e i s g r o w i n g c o n s u m e r c o n c e r n a n d increasing regulation around product use • The proposed actions and policies are likely to enhance its reputation as a market leader and its long-term ability to operate Finally, as board directors are responsible for ensuring the company has systems in place to effectively assess and manage risk, including environmental and social risks, bcIMC will withhold votes from, or vote against, directors who have not effectively performed this critical function and corporate performance has been unsatisfactory. 23

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