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5 ESG STRATEGY Our ESG Strategy In BCI's 2018 Responsible Investing Annual Report, we communicated our plan to embark on a journey to create a corporate-wide approach to ESG. Throughout 2018 and 2019, with collaboration among BCI's departments, and following engagement with our clients and approval from the executive management team, we finalized a strategy that provides an integrated and consistent approach across the corporation. The strategy applies to all investment decision-making at the asset, pool, and total portfolio levels. Built upon our longstanding approach to responsible investing, the ESG strategy comprises four key components: integrate, influence, invest, and insight. We integrate ESG analysis and risk management in all investment processes, influence through engagement and advocacy, actively seek opportunities to invest in ESG-themed investments, and use our learnings to generate insights so we can adapt our strategies and approaches. Together, they represent all ESG activities taking place at BCI and our plans for the future. We have created an ESG working group to work together to implement this strategy. INTEGRATE We integrate ESG analysis and risk management in all investment processes, from supporting clients' asset allocation decisions to individual investment decisions within our portfolios. INFLUENCE Through engagement and advocacy, we apply our influence on companies in which we invest, our partners, and other participants in capital markets. INSIGHT We use our learnings across all ESG activities, as well as our understanding of emerging trends, to generate insights that help us continuously adapt and improve our strategies, processes, and approaches. INVEST We actively seek opportunities to invest in ESG-themed investments that contribute to improved long-term outcomes for clients and reinforce our investment beliefs. Figure 1

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